Exterior Wall Rendering In Bristol

Render Tech Solutions is based in Bristol and specialises in K Rend exterior machine-applied rendering, colour-through renders, and plastering work. Contact our team for a free quote today.

Hassle-free machine applied rendering

Does your property need a facelift? Are you looking for plastering or rendering services in Bristol? Render Tech Solutions are your go-to experts, with over two decades of experience in traditional plastering and machine applied rendering, including external coloured rendering.

We have a wide customer base ranging from homeowners to commercial customers and we undertake work on behalf of property management companies as well. Our staff are trained to use the latest state-of-the-art rendering machinery including the M-tec M100 and M-tec M300 which helps us provide a high-quality finiah in minimal time. It is ideal for large commercial projects as it covers a larger service area, quicker. We use K Rend to achieve a perfect finish.

K Rend Bricks

Want to give your external render a brick effect? Render Tech Solutions offers K Rend Brick Rend, which is an attractive brick effect coloured external render. It is particulary suitable for refurbishment projects where new brick work can’t be used. We can also help you choose from a wide range of colours, brick and stone designs to blend the rend with the surroundings. For more information on K Rend Brick Rend click the button below.

Silicone renders for your surface

Do you want your building’s surface to look freshly rendered for a long time? We provide a high quality, comprehensive range of silicone renders and finishes.

Our silicone renders are designed to give the surface of your building a long-lasting weatherproof coating and a great natural finish that you will love. In additional to its durability, it is also resistant to algae growth and lime bloom.

Need advice on choosing the right render for your property? Get in touch with us today!

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